USB Flash Drive For iPhone 6, 6 Plus 7 5S ipad Metal Pen Drive HD Memory Stick Dual Purpose Mobile Otg Micro 32GB 64GB Pendrive

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USB Flash Drive For iPhone 7 7plus,6, 6 Plus 5 5S ipad Metal Pen Drive HD Memory Stick Dual Purpose Mobile Otg Micro 32GB 64GB Pendrive

Pre reading:
1.Please download APP software before use, not to download APP is not available,If the plug did not respond please look at the mobile phone is a protective sleeve, there can be taken

2 memory chip prices every day a large amount of changes, please contact customer service personnel to determine the price.

3 because of the memory card with special U disk in the express way is easy to damage the sign for delivery as soon as possible to open packet inspection, found the problem can directly contact the customer service (If the sign was found damaged, as artificial damage).

4. The shop did not set the starting amount of products have the spot, the normal situation, and took payment shipped within 72 hours (bulk orders, except holidays)

5 default: China POST

6 no quality problems do not return.

The ten function is summed up for you:

A mail list backup: backup to backup mail list, mail list

Two, data exchange: photos, video and other file formats between computer and apple devices, mutual exchange

Three, to expand the capacity of Apple device itself to expand capacity

Four, the recording module: recording files through U disk copy, increase export audio file

Five, mail attachments: local storage files, can be used as e-mail attachments, break the limitation of Apple Devices

Six, page copy: copy part of web page text, save as TXT text, articles and information preservation of love

Seven, the third party software: third party software playback, processing and editing itself does not support the file format of Apple Devices

Eight, file encryption: local storage and external storage area of the file can be encrypted file security protection

Nine, software upgrade: Apple partner U disk two generation software is a free upgrade and update products, increasing function

Ten: you can create a new folder, file management, classification management and preservation of different documents

Product Specifications:

Name:i-Flash Drive / i-Flashdrive




Support:ForiPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/for ipad/for ipod PC/for MAC

Quality assurance:3 years

Packing list:

Usb Flash Drive * 1pcs

The first use, please download i-Easy Drive in the app store.

After installing the app, open interface is like this.


Flash memory vendors are using decimal arithmetic:1MB = 1000KB,1G = 1000MB

calculated, the operating system using binary arithmetic:1MB = 1024KB,1GB = 1024MB;

so there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory product

8G is about 7.2G ;

16G is about 14.4G ;

32G is about 28.8G;

64G is about 59.5G;

Sellers experience:

The first time I saw this product ,I was shocked ,because it’s really interesting ,but after use it , I feel it’s not just interesting but very useful .

My phone installed a lot of Apps and there are many photos inside , phone memory is not enough ,but after use this i-flash , All problems solved!

1. I moved most of old photos to the i-flash Device, my phone have more space to store new photos (It can be directly connected to the phone and move the photo in the phone to the i-flash ).

2. I can see the movie in the i-flash ,it as a extra memory of the phone , I can use it to see the movie inside ,it’s really cool !

3. When I travel work, I can open the Word/Excel/Power point /PDF inside to check the quotes and information,Super Uesful !

(this i-flash deveice support nearly 40 files type ^_^)

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    все подошло без проблем, правда ёмкость 39гб вместо 32

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    Nice product, normal shipping.

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    товар пришел бракованный. продавец вернул деньги с помощью али-экспресс. пришла очень быстро. трек отслеживался

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    very good , thanx and i will give gift

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    Excelente muy buena compra.feliz absolutamente recomendable.

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    Demoro un par de meses y se dio por vencido hasta que llega buen funcionamiento pero e conector esta torcido

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    Muy buena compra absolutamente recomendable.

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    Purchasing this item the second time with the same seller, quality and usability is great, recommend. Received in Moscow within 11 days

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