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This product is an ultra-small size, portable, hand-held global positioning system mini-receiver, with latitude and longitude coordinates and instructions to allow users to return to the original starting point at any time or return to pre-set target points, In the process, this product provides the current location of geographic coordinates, target direction and distance, satellite time, speed, altitude and other clear travel data, is the best personal travel adventure companion.

1. Product main function

The world’s most simple to operate lightweight GPS!

Store up to 16 points of interest!

Return to the starting or guiding destination!

Real-time latitude and longitude coordinates!

Travel distance time!

Travel speed and poster height!

Satellite Time!

Second, the technical indicators

Receiver: L1 type, C / A code, capture channel: 51, tracking channel: 14,

Maximum update frequency: 10 Hz,

Display image rate: 128 * 64,

Backlight type: blue

Appearance size: 65 * 52 * 21mm

Memory: 512KB,

Keys: 3 keys,

Accuracy: positioning, 10 m (support differential correction system area 2 m), speed, 0.1 m per second,

Initial positioning time: hot start about 5 seconds, warm start about 40 seconds, cold start about 2 minutes,

Sensitivity: -161dbm tracking, -157dbm re-capture, -148dbm capture

Data Protocol: NMA-0183 v3.01

Power supply voltage: USB DC 5V / 3.7V390 mA Built-in lithium battery

Operation time: about 6 hours

Power consumption: Captures approximately 70 mA and continuously tracks about 30 mA

Ambient temperature: working -20 degrees to +55 degrees, storage -30 degrees to +55 degrees

Ambient humidity: up to 80% non-condensing humidity

Preparation for use

1. Open the package, take out the product and all accessories, including: a field guide, USB charger, a manual.

2. This product is built-in lithium battery, please go out in the fully charged, the charging process, the blue backlight is bright, fully charged, the blue front light goes out, the power is completely exhausted, about 4 hours Electricity.

3. Power on, the upper right corner of the battery icon shows the battery capacity status, space, please charge in time.

4. Press and hold the Enter key for three seconds to turn on the power on the screen, and then display the Power On icon: Mini GPS, then enter the main page and press and hold the Enter key for 3 seconds in any mode or page. Shutdown.

4. Key operation instructions

1. Confirm the key

* Shutdown, long press the Enter key three seconds to boot, any mode or page, press the Enter key for three seconds to shut down.

* The machine opens the page 1, presses the confirmation key shortly, may switch 16 points of interest backward.

* Machine open page 2, press the Enter key for the start mileage and time calculation.

* The machine opens page 6, press the enter key to enter the sub-page Back Light, press the enter key again to enter the sub-page, the selection item will be highlighted, and then press OK again Key to confirm the selection, return to the previous level, without any operation, 5 seconds after the return to the main page.

* Point of interest refers to the map marked out with latitude and longitude information, can be used to find and calculate the navigation landmarks, buildings.

2. Press the UP ARROW key

* Six kinds of pages are switched down

* To display the page 6 Settings, press the Enter key to enter the sub-page, and then press the Enter key once to enter the setting selection item (ie, enter the sub-sub-page), press the Up key to change the parameter setting

3. Press the DOWN ARROW key

* Operation is the same as the Up key.

5. Navigate to the action page

Users need to use the director to guide all the relevant data displayed in the main page, to browse these pages in the product to grab the satellite signal and in place, repeat the short press the UP key or the DOWN key to cycle from a page cut Find another page.

Page 1 (Home page): Displays the satellite signal reception intensity, remaining battery capacity, point-of-interest recording order and time, and the distance and direction from the current position.

Page 2 (travel information): shows the travel time has been used and the mileage information, short press the Enter key, the upper left corner of the signal next to a small villain icon and start recording your trip mileage and time information, Confirm button, the villain icon disappears, record stop.

Page 3 (latitude and longitude coordinates): shows the current location of geographic latitude and longitude coordinate information

Page 4 (Speed ​​& Altitude): Displays the current speed of travel and relative altitude

Page 5 (Satellite Time): Displays the exact real-time satellite synchronization time

Page 6 (Setup Page): Provides settings for the backlight to show time, time zone, and point of interest deletion.

Six points of interest satellite positioning

1. In the outdoor open sky around the elevation of 15 degrees in the absence of building environment, the front handheld guide to open the machine, enter the page 1 (main page), the upper left corner signal four steps show the signal strength level, Search to the satellite is no signal ladder. 1 column that search and receive three satellite signals people, two that four satellites, three said there are five satellites, four that six or more satellites. Need two or more column bar signal can only be positioned, and the signal super positioning the more accurate. Unusual environment and a long time not used to start the case of cold start, search for star signal time is about 2 minutes, the position deviation is not, the shutdown time is not long, such as 2 hours to start again, about 40 seconds, a short shutdown or loss Signal, start again for the hot start takes about 1-2 seconds.

2. When the signal bar strength is two or more, press and hold the Enter key and the Up key or the Down key for three seconds to lock the current position as the first light point, the left side shows the information point order (1) , The right shows the point of interest lock time for time. The user can return to the set point of interest using the arrow in the lower left corner to indicate the direction and distance during the move.

3. Short press the Enter key to find the next point of interest, while short press the Enter key and up or down to lock the current position for the second point of interest, followed by 16 points of interest can be identified. Each point of interest shows the set date and time, the user can set their own time to confirm their own set point of interest location.

4. Press and hold the up or down arrow key for 3 seconds to enter the latitude / longitude coordinate change page. The first value of the latitude and longitude display is highlighted. Press the Up or Down key to select the position to be changed. Press the Enter key to change the value. -9. S stands for latitude, S stands for latitude, E stands for Tokyo, and W stands for west longitude. You can advance through the Google map to find the coordinates of the latitude and longitude coordinates of the target and press this operation to enter the machine, set up, press the up or down button for three seconds to save the settings and return to the main page, without any operation, return to the home page after 10 seconds surface.

System settings

1. Go to 6 Setting and press Enter to enter the Back Light Time setting page. Press the Up or Down keys repeatedly to enter the Time Zone, Measure Unit, , Clear POI (Clear POI), Cold Start (Reset Default), and finally return to the Setting page. If nothing happens, the main page returns after 5 seconds.

2. After entering the Back Light time setting page, press the Enter key to enter the backlight time selection page. Press the Up or Down key briefly to display the time: 5 (s), 10 (s), 30 (s) S, 60 (s), Infinite, respectively, on behalf of the backlight continuous display time 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, constant light. Short press the Enter key to make the final selection, the time is displayed normally.

3. After entering the Time Zone setting page, press the Enter key to enter the time zone selection page. Press the Up key or Down key briefly to display the time difference value: -12, ~, + 13, The value of the time difference. Select the local time zone and Greenwich Mean Time difference value, press the Enter key to confirm the final selection, the time difference value of the normal display.

4, into the Measure Unit (measurement unit) settings page, short press the Enter key to enter the measurement unit selection page, short press the up or down key, the unit of measure will be highlighted: km mile, respectively, kilometers and miles. Select the desired measurement unit, press the Enter key to confirm the final selection, the unit of measurement is displayed normally.

5, enter the Clear POI (clear points of interest) page, press the Enter key to enter the point of interest selection page, short press the up or down button, select will highlight: YES, NO, respectively, is representative and not. Select whether to clear all points of interest, press OK to select YES, all points of interest will be cleared and YES will be displayed.

6, into the Cold Start (cold start) page, press the Enter key to enter the cold start selection page, short press the up or down button, select highlight: YES / NO respectively represent and not, in a strange environment and If it is not used for a long period of time, please select Yes, this will help to clear the old reserved satellite information, improve the speed of re-search, press YES key to select YES, the product will automatically shut down and restart, the old Satellite-related information is cleared.

7, into the Reset Default (reset default) page, press the Enter key to enter the factory default default settings page, short press the up or down button, select highlight: YES / NO respectively represent yes and no, select whether or not Press the Enter key to select YES. All settings will be reset to their original factory default settings.

Eight. Attention

1. In the same point of interest page, the second lock POI operation will cover the first message, if you want to keep the original point of interest, the article will switch to the next point of interest and then the next POI positioning operation.

2. The unit can only calculate and provide the correct direction indication information when you keep moving at a certain speed.

3. To conserve power, turn off the unit after confirming the orientation and direction of travel, and then turn the unit on again when the azimuth and direction need to be determined again after a certain period of time and distance.

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