Goldendisk YCdisk Serial NGFF SSD 128GB 2280 Solid State Drive internal Mini mSATA SSD high performance Original

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2280 NGFF 128GB

Free Shipping Goldendisk m.2 SSD ngff 128GB Solid State Drive high performance Hot Original for Laptop,Pad,IPC

Product Introduction

Thanks for visiting Goldendisk , your satisfaction is always our top priority. below we listed the most concerned query you might have, if you need further assistance, feel free to contact us by message or online chatting room.


Q:Why SSD Nominal Capacity not match Real Capacity?

A:Manufacturer Mark Hard Disk Capacity Adopt 1000 Binary System, namely 1G-1000MB, 1MB-1000KB, 1KB=1000bytes,however,Operating System Identify Hard Disk with 1024 Binary System,namely 1GB-1024MB,1MB=1024KB,1KB=1024byte.

Computer Hard Disk Nominal Capacity use Manufacturer standard.Due to Hard Disk Manufacturer and Operation System adopt different Standard, there come out difference between Nominal and Read Capacity.

For example:

1.Hard Disk Nominal Capacity is X GB,then,even in case of Completely not used,its Capacity Displayed in Operation System is only:

X*1000*1000*1000/(1024*1024*1024)=X*0.931GB If Part of Hard disk Have been used for special usage,then will be displayed less than X*0.931 GB

Q:How to Choose SSD interface?

A:Please be sure that your computer have SSD before or Normal HDD.All Goldendisk SSDs are Standard interface:2.5inch,mSATA,NGFF. Especially mSATA Interface:please make sure it support mSATA agreement,not PCI-e agreement,or cannot be used! Please do not insert mSATA SSD into Internet or wifi interface!

Q:How about the package?

A:We are factory,so package may not so beautiful,as price is the best for personal! Hope it will not affect you!

Q:Why my result different highly from Goldendisk listed?

A:Different test platform has different result,pls make sure all is corresponding,SATA II to SATA II,SATA III to SATA III.

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