Four Audio Output Multi-functional Audio Switcher Audio Signal Switcher

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Audio Signal Switcher With Four Audio Output Multi-functional Audio Switcher Product Features: A985 audio signal switcher, mainly used for switching various multi-channel headphone audio signal, which can be used for the same earphone or earplugs to compare different player / headphones, or a headset is connected with the signal, connecting a plurality of earphone / earplugs, earplugs headphones / quality comparison. As the 4 input 4 output headphone audio signal switcher. 3.5MM audio signal using the supplied. Connect the headphones headset signal decoder players and other audio equipment to the IN1 to IN4 interface products back. Headset / front panel earplug insertion product OUT1-4 headphone signal output interface. Select input select switch, which is connected to the headphone earplug earphone / output signal corresponding audio equipment. Product Parameters :

  • 4 3.5MM audio signal input interface, can also be used for output,
  • 4 3.5MM audio signal output interface, and can also be used for input,
  • The input interface of 3.5MM of four groups
  • The four group of 3.5MM output interface
  • Product size: 9.5cm (L) X6.5cm (W) X2.8cm (high)
  • Packing size: 20cm (long) X 18cm (wide) X 5.5cm (high)
  • Product net weight: 125g
  • Shell material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black

Package Contains 1 X A985 audio signal switcher 4 X 3.5MM TO 3.5MM audio signal line Kindly Note:No retail box will be included, but we’ll pack well before shipping.Thank you.

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