For EPSON L800 High speed CD card automatic printer PVC ID Card printer Export version with 51pcs pvc tray for pvc card

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New Automatic CD/DVD disk Printer PVC card priting machine
Model CS-01
Print Time 38secords/pc
Auto feeding Quantity 60pcs CD/time
Precise 1440*5760dpi;
Machine Weight 30kgs
Packing Weight 35kgs
CD tray we will give 51pcs CD/PVC tray

Standard Equipments:

1. 1set CISS for CD printer use

2. 50pcs CD DVD tray&1 pc pvc tray (Suit A) or 50 pcs pvc tray& 1 pc CD DVD tray (Suit B)Please tell us or leave a message about which suit you need?

4. Date cable and power line

5.Video CD

Remember tell us the voltage you need after make payment! is 110v or 220v


1) Use the exclusive comprehensive integrated sensor(original imported ) for the tray down falling and promoting action.Completely solved the problems shaking by delivery or prolonged use.

2) Replace the native feed sensor(Mechanical action)with the exclusive comprehensive integrated sensor(original imported).

3) Change the chip of the mainboard upgraded to original L800 models,use L800 drivers.

4) L800 dedicated CISS, cartridge without chips and dampers, no need cumbersome chip identification, even if there is no cartridge in the ink driver,the ink lamp of the printer will not light. It’s very magical!

5) The cartridge is same as a damper, creativity no have front and back ink chamber.Pull the ink from CIIS,prevent the excessive air in the cartridge from break the printing.

6) The cartridge is same as a damper,It’s above 80% lighter then normal cartridge,to reduce the ink vehicle spindle and belt motor load and prolong the service life of the printer.

7) After filled with ink and installed vertically,the CISS ink tank nature pressure will be balance,reduced the wrong operation.Super large ink capacity of 80ml/color, for printing thousands of disks you just need one time ink refilling.

8) Free reset software for inks,you can reset the ink level to 100% in any time,no half disc printing situation!Help customers reduce to wast about 200pcs discs every month.

9) Replace the three stainless steel pillars with four petal type tray under the hopper,the tray will centered automatically when it fall down.

Personal development and production,absolute factory prices,5 years experience of developing Auto CD/DVD/PVC printer

Ensure secondary development modification from original and new T50/R270 printer,The T50 printer has been converted into L800 printer without CISS chips.Fully compatible with Print CD software, CorelDRAW/Adobe Illustrator image editing software.

Quality mode:80s/pc(photo resolution, CD/DVD);

Speed mode:30s/pc(Photo resolution, photo quality ink jet);

1set ink(6 colors,100ml per color) can print about 4000-5000pcs CD/DVD disc.

1set ink(6 colors, 100ml per color) can print about 5400~6000pcs pvc card.

Automatic continuous feed tray out tray.

We will calibrated the head nozzle by special tool to keep high printing resolution before out of the factory for everything printer.

1.Special tool calibration nozzle

2. All steel double staving varnish to anti-rust.

3. Imported Omron components. Put the circuit control board & the total power and power of thread plug structure separate.

4. CD tray & PVC tray

5. One-time molding buckle disc(to make more stable)

6. Tray thickness is 2.8mm

Unique patented buckle design PVC tray,four snaps to make the pvc card stable,precision injection molding.Other craving PVC tray will be arch in the center of the card when too tight and will not fixed the cards when it too loose.

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