500X Andonstar 2MP Digital USB Microscope otoscope PCB Inspection Camera with Flexible Arm Observation Stand and WIFI Function

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The color of the cable is black and white, and we send in random.

If you want white color or black, you should tell us after purchase

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It is our great honor that you have been concentrating on our products. Please follow the instruction below before you buy it ,only in this way can we satisfy you more.

In order to meet all kinds of customers’ requirements, we developed various of new products with different configurations and specification. You may see that their appearances are similar but in fact you can distinguish them by the pixel, accessories and the packing. Therefore, the price varies. Any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will response you soon.

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Microscope Material quality:metal plated with chromium

In order to high quality picture. please effectively provide adequate light source or try Use darker color the the background

AS a Digital microscope,for example:

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

Note:not included the LCD Screen,it is only demo

we can get the picture for example:

Functions and applications

The DIGITAL PEN CAMERA is a new electronic health product for the home.It is a tubular imaging system consisting of an optical lens, an image sensor, an illumination mechanism, and an image transfer control circuit connected to a computer. You can display the images captured by the DIGITAL PEN CAMERA
on the computer screen, store them on the computer, print them, or send them over

the Internet.
As a USB microscope, it can magnify stamps, coins, antiques, insects, electric circuits, machines, fabrics, food, decorations, etc. and can also help visually impaired patients magnify small text for reading.


Before installation and use of this product, please read the instructions in this manual to ensure its correct use.
Safety instructions
Before using this product, please carefully read the following safety instructions.
1. The socket that the computer is plugged in must be properly grounded, as the computer supplies power to this product. If in any doubt, please have a professional electrician check and verify the grounding to ensure safety.
2. Never use this product in stormy weather.
3. This product contains delicate and precision components. Be gentle when using it and avoid harsh handling or excessive force that may cause damage to the product.
4. The temperature of the handle increases slightly during use and it feels a little warm. This is normal. If the product is overheated and hot to the touch,immediately cut off the power and contact us for repair.
5. Never leave the product on unattended. Unplug from the USB port after use.
6. Do not disassemble this product. Disassembling this product will result in irreparable damage.. In case of any difficulties in using the product, please contact us.
7. This product may only be used by children under supervision of an adult. Never give this product to a child to use or play by him or herself. Keep this product out of reach of children.
8. Do not let this product come in direct contact with steam, vapor, water, or liquids of any kind. Such contact can cause irreparable damage that is not covered by warranty.
9. When not in use, put the handle in the transparent sleeve and store it in a tightly sealed box to avoid moisture and decay. Damages resulting from improper storage are not covered by the warranty.
10.Never use this product to examine the eyes of infants or young children.

11.The cable in this product have been strictly tested. To ensure safe use, do not replace it.

For best picture quality, the following specifications are recommended:

1. PC compatible computer
2. Intel Pentium III processor or above
3. 128M RAM or above
4. At least one USB port (For best effect, USB 2.0 port is recommended).
5. Windonws XP,Vista ,Windows 7,32bit or 64bit, Mac OS X 10.5 or above,if you need use it on Mac OS,please tell us,we will sent software to you.

Packaging included (Composite anti-static air bubble bag)

Digital Microscope Camera X 1

Software CD (User manual included) X 1

Stand X 1

Reflector X 1

Multi-function tube X 1

Black specula X 1

Post-Sale Services

Limitations and exclusions Please keep all the receipts of your purchase in a safe place. You need to produce the unaltered and original receipts to receive warranty coverage.

The warranty only covers the product if it is used under normal operation conditions.However, the following are not covered by the warranty:

Damages resulting from unauthorized disassembly or assembly of the products by the customer

Damages caused by fitting of improper components to the product

Damages resulting from unauthorized attempts to repair or to alter the product

Gross distortion, scratches, discoloration, or damage of the covering

Cracks, scratches, and mold spots on the lens.

COMS sensor is burned or apparently scratched

Damages to the PCB board (such as burned PCB board) due to misuse


The item price is NOT including any customs duty or other of your local cost. Buyer is responsible for the possible import tariffs. But we’ll try to reduce or avoid custom duties for you. We’ll put “personal gift” as a reason for exporting and/or description of contents and write a low value of the item on the customs declaration form.Please DO NOT sign the delivery form before making sure that everything is OK. Or please rewrap the package and refuse the goods. Please contact us immediately. We are NOT liable for any damage after you sign the delivery form.

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  1. D***V

    Хороший аппарат, быстрая доставка. Этот товар я приобрел с расширением Летишоп и сэкономил уже 76.39 $. Расширение Летишоп помогает экономить до 40% от стоимости покупки. Воспользуетесь моей ссылкой . После точки пробел убрать https://letyshops. ru/soc/sh-1/?r=2821128

  2. M***i

    I test it and it works fine

  3. D***v

    Работает отлично. Но доставка плохо организована. Заранее не предупредили о дате, курьер “свалися на голову”, случайно застав получателя дома в рабочее время.

  4. A***v

    Пришёл за неделю,упакован хорошо, курьер доставил до двери.

  5. I***V

    Есть небольшие сложности при регулировке расстояния и фокуса, что в принципе было ожидаемо. Крепление к подставке часто откручивается, т.к. крепится одним винтом. Всё остальное работает на отлично. Обновил прошивку на сайте Andonstar, после этого можно использовать их программу для работы с микроскопом. В настройках программы можно выбрать разрешение 1600×1200 в формате YUY2 – 5FPS или MJPG – 30FPS. Т.е. микроскоп реально передаёт изображение со скоростью 30 кадров в секунду. 1) Снимок линейки на максимальном увеличении, расстояние до объекта ~7 мм (показан 1 мм) 2) Снимок модуля памяти с линейкой на среднем увеличении, расстояние ~25 мм. Для пайки вполне подходит. Есть расфокусировка по краям изображения

  6. S***v

    Отличная штука. Подключил к компьютеру с win10. Проблем с драйверами не было.

  7. Customer

    Happy with the product, and so far the image looks good. I just plugged into my Window 10 laptop and used the built in Camera app.

  8. J***s

    High quality device, good magnification, very helpfull device for soldering tiny parts.

  9. I***v

    Отличное качество картинки, хороший диапазон фокусировки

  10. I***v

    Ok! A good camera in a microscope.

  11. K***i

    Good at all

  12. G***z

    excelente muy util, lo recomiendo

  13. J***l

    All five have arrived. Good product. Good packaging . Good communication. Good service. Five stars!

  14. V***v

    Доставка 3 дня. Работает.

  15. P***v

    Продавец заказ отправил сразу. В Узбекистан пришло быстро за 14 дней всё работает доволен.

  16. M***a

    Товар соответствует описанию, по качеству, конечно 500 кратного увеличения я не добился, но сильно на это и не рассчитывал. В этой ценовой категории, это действительно микроскоп.

  17. F***k

    Thank you so much …

  18. V***v

    Довезли быстро, работает отлично!

  19. N***o

    Качество и комплектация соответствуют описанию. Покупал для мониторинга процесса пайка BGA на ИК-станции. Камера работает без проблем, дружит с любым ПО.