11.6inch laptop windows10 SSD ultrabook fast cpu intel 4 core 32GB light office student azerty German Spanish Russian keyboard

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PROMOTION OFFER Windows Laptop PC for $2XX with Free Shipping QTA4 Windows Ultrabook Highlights:

  • Full PC Computer – CPU Intel + Windows 10 PRO+ Wifi

  • Ultra Compact – 11.6" HD Screen, your fantastic window to the world

  • Stylish and Durable Casing – Beautiful Scratch Proof ABS Casing

  • Power of Intel – Fast 4 Cores CPU x 1.33-1.83GHz

  • Plenty of Storage – 32GB SSD to store your Documents, support TF Card

  • Connect to the World of Internet – Built-in Wifi

  • Great Entertainment Station – Playback of HD Movies and thousands of wonderful games

  • Work your way anywhere – Support Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and to run the Millions of Windows Application software.

  • Good for Business & Homework.

Keyboard & Languages:

  • YES, we provide All languages of Windows and Keyboard PVC Layout for Free.
    English, Russian, Spanish, French AZERTY, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, and ALL others.
  • By Default, Russian Layout Keyoard for Russian Buyers, Spanish Layout for Spanish Buyers, and such applied to most other countries.
  • Order Now! Leave a note in your Order, if you want to specify your language. Yes to All Languages. No need to Ask. You got it!

Laptop Color:

  • Default Color to send is Black. White, Pink and Gold in stock. Please leave a note in your order.

1. to buy Pink

2. to buy White

3. to buy Golden

Package Includes:

1) 11.6 Inch Windows Laptop Computer

2) Original Laptop Battery

3) Universal Power Adapter

4) Cushioned Package Box

5) Promotion: FREE MOUSE !!

(So you have Everything for Laptop PC)

Factory Wholesales:

1) OEM Logo service($20) and Customization for Laptop is offered. Minimum Order 50 pieces.

2) Certified Engineers are ready to provide professional service.

3) Wholesales customer for quantity above 50, please contact our representative for arrangements.

We provide Free service to install Any Languages for Windows and Keyboard. As shown in pictures:

Installation and Customization:

  • Software: Windows 7 or 10 will be factory pre-installed according to the specific model of the computer. In general, Windows 8 or 10 is for Touchscreen computers, and Windows 7, 8 or 10 for Non-Touchscreen computers. Windows 10 will be installed for most computers if possible.

  • Language: For Russian Federation, Russian Keyboad + Russian Windows will be installed. English will be installed for the rest of the world, by default. We can install Any Major Languages available (French, Spanish, German, etc.. Please state your choice of language in your Order note, if necessary. English/French/German/Hebrew/Russian/Spanish Office 2013 will be installed. All software are for testing purposes only. Both Software and hardware are well tested before product dispatch.

  • Keyboard: For Russian Federation, keyboard with Russian + English letters will be shipped. For the rest of the world, standard English keyboard will be shipped by default. We may provide Bright White PVC layout of Azery / German/ Hebrew/ Portugues / Spanish or any languages on keyboard for Free. Please mention your request in your Order note if necessary.

  • Logo: (OEM service) Normally, we ship with plain ultrabook as shown in our picture. However, we may put the logo for you as you like it, if service is available at the time, and that your country do accept this. Please contact us, and we would make the arrangement if applicable (cost $20)

399.00/piece 530.00/piece 314.10/piece 569.00/piece 707.55/piece 399.00/piece 397.60/piece 269.10/piece

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